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Build A House for a family in need in Guatemala for only $500.

The home is a 12 X 17 foot tin building with 2 windows and a lockable front door. This one room structure would be a home for a family with up to 10 people - not only providing shelter, but also protection and safety. You can also Build A House for a family in need in Guatemala In Honor Of or In Memory of your loved one(s). The family will receive a commemorative photo of your loved one(s) during a dedication ceremony of their new home. You will also receive a copy of the commemorative photo as well as a photo of the family who was gifted the home. (The full cost of the home -$500- is required for this option.)

Feed A Village in Guatemala

for only $700

To Feed A Village provides a month's supply of beans, oil, coffee, sugar, rice, protein mix, and corn meal to 100 village families in need










Sponsor a Mission Team Member who is able and willing to serve in Guatemala.

Donations received will be applied to a Mission Team Member's travel expenses.

 Please be sure to include your Mission Team Member's name in the "Name of Sponsored Team Member" box on the payment page so that the funds can be applied to their account.

flipflopsforHisfeet, a Walk A Mile Ministry, began with 5 year old Easton Burdette (son of WAM founders,Brandon & Emilee) in 2012. After seeing pictures of children with no shoes from his Papa's (Eddie) recent trip to Guatemala, Easton asked if he could send flip flops (his favorite shoes) to those children. Easton then began to ask his friends, family, and church members to help collect flip flops for the next Guatemala mission trip his Papa had planned. Since beginning flipflopsforHisfeet in 2012, Easton has collected over 5,000 pairs of flip flops that have been sent to Guatemala, Peru, and Liberia. If you would be interested in donating flip flops, please                                           to arrange pick up. If you would like to donate monetarily for the purchase of flip flops, please do so below. For more information about Easton and flipflopsforHisfeet, please                      on facebook.  










If Jesus could use one little boy's lunch to feed thousands,

what could He do with one little boy's flip flops?

Over 42% of Guatemalans do NOT have access to clean water.

You can help change that!

The HELPS Gravity Water Filter is specifically designed to micro-filter a supply of safe drinking water using a simple two container system. A person simply pours the water into the top container where it then filters into the lower container and is purified, providing up to 10 gallons of safe drinking water every 24 hours. The Gravity Water Filters ensures 100% removal of parasites such as guinea worm and giardia, and 99.99% removal of pathogenic bacteria such as: cholera, e coli, and shigella. To provide a Clean Water System for a family costs only $50. 

Providing Medical Care. . . 

During The Walk A Mile Medical Clinics, we see an average of 200-300 patients with a wide variety of medical needs.  $500 provides 50 patients a bag with the following : soap, a wash cloth, eye drops, eye glasses or sunglasses (if needed), toothpaste, toothbrush, anti-fungal creams, triple antibiotic cream, hydrocortisone cream, prescription medications (if prescribed by physician), over the counter medications (if needed), and a gospel booklet in their native language.

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